How technology is changing our lives? – I

Yesterday Ma (Mother) made a request. She wanted me to buy a ‘Get well soon’ card for her sister who underwent an operation in Kolkata. Trying to comply I went into the Gift shop in our colony. It was reasonably big in terms of space and crowd and availability of items. I looked around for the Recovery card, but to my discovery I couldn’t see a ‘single card’ anywhere in the shop. I asked the owner and he informed me that since last three years he has stopped keeping them since there are no buyers and he incurs a big loss in stocking them…not surprising since with the advent of the Internet, there are dime a dozen sites where one can send greetings for gratis. Only a fool would spend money on them. Very much like the way email has reduced our cost in sending postal mails …

I returned and told Ma about what had transpired… Cards were a part of my growing up years and the thrill of receiving one after a ‘year long wait’ for Birthdays and New Years can’t be calibrated with any yardstick…

A passing thought engulfed me. All of us want to live in a better society. A truly evolved society need to emphasize upon the importance of human relationships. Ironically, Technology that has the capacity to make lives better (and has delivered benefits beyond comprehension) has also contributed immeasurably towards its decline …even though AI is trying to map every human emotion with their machine counterpart, I am not someone who believes that all of it can be captured effectively …



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