Was Steve Wozniak totally off the mark?


Recently Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak created a furore by commenting that ‘Indians lack creativity.’ As with any kind of generalizations, there are bound to be exceptions to the rule. In keeping with this, there are creative Indians who are comparable with the very best anywhere in the world… however from our rudimentary knowledge of statistics; one knows that opinions are formed from the mean value of the population & not the outliers (in this case creative Indians such as brilliant academicians, classical musicians, excellent litterateurs, painters, independent and documentary filmmakers and their ilk) who hardly enjoy wide popularity among the masses. Hence Steve must have formed his opinion by sampling the average Indians, and should he be throttled for airing his views which he is entitled to and thinks to be correct?


Talking about a personal experience on using facebook, I have witnessed that my friends tend to like a posting wherein photos get featured and this hardly required investing much effort from my side. On the other hand, an article that I or others may write would accrue much lesser likes … If likes dictate the popularity, creative time-consuming efforts even on a small scale hardly fetches rewarding feedbacks and appropriate number of likes… doesn’t this in a way attest what Steve is trying to tell us?…

The best way to give Steve a fitting reply would be when the ‘aam janta’ display creative choices in their lives and raise the bar for success of any product in the marketplace…let us promise ourselves to do that and within the next decade I am sure Steve will have to eat humble pie…


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