Challenges before Indian private universities- 2


It has been over a decade now that I am in the Technical Higher Education space in the private sector. All these institutes are governed by Govt. regulatory agencies. When it comes to ranking the institutes, the current practice being followed by the accrediting agencies are to accord substantial weight-age to Research and Publications. Even faculty career progression is mostly linked to the number of publications the faculty is credited with.

I have seen on quite a few instances some faculties who have great difficulties in expressing themselves flawlessly showcasing their long publication list on social media. On occasions, students have given feedback about faculties who are not too sincere about teaching in the class, but they are engaged in publishing so-called academic paper every alternate week or month. What is the casualty in all of this? No prizes for guessing the correct answer – Teaching.

It is no surprise therefore that the students who graduate from such institutes are often found lacking to fit readily into the Industry and companies need to invest substantial resources on them.

I feel if institutes are keen to survive as Centers of Excellence in the long run they need to segregate faculties into two categories: Teaching and Researchers, the expectation from each of these categories ought to be entirely different.

If we are really serious about stemming sub-quality research, which can become detrimental to the cause of real education, there is an urgent need to stop patronage of it. A report that has been published ( recently has exposed the fallacy of evaluating merit of faculties through such low quality publication. Teachers should primarily be evaluated for their teaching skills and their acceptability and utility in the classroom. Ignoring this could have grave consequences for the future of quality technical education in the country…



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